• Play Sand Seaside Set

    Play sand is a soft, fine-grained and kinetic in nature designed for an engaging experience. The Play Sand does not contain harmful substances which makes it safe in the hands of young ones.

    The grains could easily be molded and built, allowing you to explore a limitless amount of shapes. Dala Play Sand includes 4 sea creature shapes.

    Play Sand Seaside Set

    R84.70 Incl. VAT
  • Teddy Pearl Poster Paint

    Teddy’s popular poster paints are now available in Pearlescent colours. It contains pigments that delivers a metallic sheen which ensures to produce mezmerizing works of art. It’s highly reflective which creates a multi-dimensional effect when applied.

    You’ll be able to explore various mixutres, styles and shimmering effects when incorporating mixed media. When placed along side another medium it’s contrast is noticable and captivating.

    Teddy Pearl Poster Paint

    R92.75 Incl. VAT
  • Teddy Glitter Poster Paint 4/100

    Teddy’s Poster Glitter Paint delivers an alluring and dazzling finish. The medium is filled with tiny particles of glitter that is ready to be applied to art projects of your choice.

    You can explore the various ranges of glitter by either applying it thinly or boldly, whichever application expresses your vision.

  • Teddy Pearl Finger Paint 4/100

    Teddy’s Finger Paint is now available in Pearlescent colours. When applied it deliveres a reflective effect, which you’ll be able to explore with. It is safe to use and when applied along side flat, less reflective medium it’s contrast is captivating.

  • Teddy Glitter Finger Paint 4/100

    Teddy’s Finger Glitter Paint provides an echanting touch to any surface. It’s dazzling features are due to tiny particles of glitter that is ready to saturate any art project.

    You can explore the various ranges of glitter by either applying it thinly or boldly, whichever application expresses your vision.

  • Sakura Tie Dye Kit

    Shakura (cherry blossoms) hold cultural significance within Japan, as they symbolize the transience of life and nature. They represent renewal and welcome people to embrace the present moment. Sakura’s ephemeral beauty is celebrated by a tradition named Hanami, dating back to the Nara period (710-794), as well as being popularized by Japanese arts like their literature, poetry, visual arts, manga and anime. It definitely forms a large part of the aesthetic of Japan.

    Now you can personalize your clothing to the aesthetic of sakura through our new Dala’s Sakura Dye Kit. Create soft, cherry blossom coloured tie dye designs. Just add water and it dyes up to 5 items.

    This Dye Kit contains 3 dye colours (Magenta, Cherry and Pink), gloves, elastic bands and an instructional insert with dye techniques and post dye care instructions

    Sakura Tie Dye Kit

    R207.00 Incl. VAT
  • Teddy Dough Moulding Set

    Teddy Dough Moudling Set is comes with 300g soft Teddy Dough of three pastel colours, fun dough moulds that are shaped like sea creatures along with googley eyes, allowing you to create a lively sea world of your own.

    Teddy Dough Moulding Set

    R97.81 Incl. VAT
  • Drawing Ink Primary Set 3x15ml

    Dala Acrylic Drawing Ink is a high quality acrylic product that can be further diluted with water for illustrative and fine art applications. The ink has outstanding colour brilliance and transparency.

    Suitable for illustrative use with a paintbrush, an airbrush as well as brush pens and dipping pens.

  • Unicorn Painting Box Kit

    Use your creativity to bring colour to the fantastical world of unicorns with your Dala Unicorn Painting Kit, supplied with 5 paints and the 2 canvas illustrations for you to explore.

    Unicorn Painting Box Kit

    R345.00 Incl. VAT
  • RSG – Pattern 5929 – Double Oven Mitten and Pot Stand

    Double Oven Mitten and Pot Stand

    super easy to make.

    Instructions included

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