Acrylic Painting Set

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Dala Acrylic Paint is available in a 6 x 30ml Acrylic Paint Set blister pack, which is a great beginner or student kit comprising of a paintbrush 6 small tubes of the following colours: Permanent Light Red, Permanent Yellow, Pthalo Blue, Viridian, Titanium White and Lamp Black.

**Colours may vary**

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This Dala Acrylic Painting Kit includes 6 x 30ml tubes of colour and a paintbrush – all you need to get you started with Acrylic colour, and for colour mixing hundreds of further shades!

Dilute paint with water.

Use in conjunction with Acrylic Mediums to alter the paints consistency, transparency, structure and drying time.

*Clean brushes with warm soapy water



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Acrylic Painting Set

R241.04 Incl. VAT

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