Plaster of Paris Craft Bandage

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Dala Plaster Craft Bandage is coated with quality gypsum and requires the addition of water. They are thick and creamy, fast setting and strong. Use it to cast mother moulds/negative

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Plaster of Paris Craft Bandage is useful in making “shell”, “mother moulds” or “negatives”. It can be used to make castings of faces, body moulds, and busts, and can also be used in terrain modelling and more.

A popular method for casting with plaster bandage is to unroll about 60cm of the plaster bandage and then fold it in on itself once, and then fold it in on itself again for the second time, creating a zig zag of 3 layers of bandage on top of each other and cut. Keep doing this until the roll is finished and lay them down in an ‘X shape’ so that they are easy to pick up while working.

Have a bowl of water nearby. Prepare your positive by coating it in a release agent such as vaseline or a layer of cling film for when the plaster has dried and you need to remove it. When the positive that you are going to cast from has been prepared, dunk the plaster strips into the water until saturated. Gently pull the bandage to squeeze some of the excess water out and apply it to your intended surface. Residual plaster will come off into the water, during the wetting process making it milky. It is advised that you change the water when this mixture becomes very milky.

How much plaster bandage you need will be determined by your intended casting. A face cast can use up 1 whole roll and a bust cast can use up to 9 rolls.

Depending on what your project is, the plaster can take up to …. to dry completely. When dried, remove the negative cast carefully. You can now either cast positives from the shell you’ve created, or decorate the shell using paints and other craft items of your choice.

Please note:

1) This plaster bandage is not for medical use.

2) Hardened Plaster will not come off of or out of bowls and buckets easily. Dispose of remnants as soon as possible to avoid the Plaster hardening onto tools and items used when moulding.

*Clean up using warm soapy water.

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Plaster of Paris Craft Bandage

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