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Dala Glitter Craft Paint is a quality art product that is popular amongst artists and crafters. The glitter varieties offer a shine and shimmer look and dries to a durable and satin sheen waterproof finish. Due to its built-in UV resistance, Dala Craft Paint can be used indoors and outdoors. Can be used on a variety of materials including canvas, cardstock and paper, stones, unglazed pottery, concrete, plaster, clay items, plastic, metal and more. Seal painted items with a layer of water-based varnish such as Dala Deco Varnish or with a solvent-based equivalent.

**Colours may vary**

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250ml, 50ml


Red, Gold, Blue, Crystal, Plum, Rust, Silver, Black, Fuchsia, Green, Aqua, Yellow

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Craft Paint - Glitter Colours - Individuals


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