Glass Blowing

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Glassblowing is a glass forming technique which was invented by the Syrian craftsman in the 1st century BC. The establishment of the Roman Empire provided motivation and dominance of glass production by this method, the use of blown glass for everyday tasks spread.

The Phoenicians set up the first glass workshops on the eastern borders of the Empire, in the birthplace of glassblowing in contemporary Lebanon, Israel and Palestine, as well as in the province of Cyprus.

Meanwhile, the glassblowing technique also reached Egypt. By the middle Ages, Venice had become a major centre of glass making. Then, the glass blowing industry moved to the island of Murano.

The Venetian glassmakers from Murano produced cristallo, clear, fine glassware by employing glassblowing, in particular, the mould-blowing technique.

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Glassblowing is a glass forming technique that involves inflating molten glass into a bubble (or parison) with the aid of a blowpipe (or blow tube).

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