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Azulejo springs from the Arabic phrase az-azallij which suggests polished stone that was derived from the preliminary layout of the Byzantine and Roman mosaics. These techniques dating back as early as the fifteenth century had been introduced into the Portuguese Republic by King Manuel I once a visit to the Spanish town of Seville in 1503. Seville had grown to be the most essential centre of the tile trade, anywhere it moreover started out attracting the eye of potters from Italy within the sixteenth century.


Azulejo tiles have been a kind of Portuguese and Spanish painted tin-glazed ceramic tile work. It was glazed in a pretty single colour, cut into geometric shapes and assembled to make geometric patterns and were found on the inner and exterior of churches, palaces, everyday homes, schools and currently in cutting-edge world restaurants, bars and even railways. These lovely tiles weren’t completely used as decorative art however additionally as temperature management in homes.

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