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By using the charcoal that remained from their fires; early man discovered they ought to create patterns, designs, and drawings on their walls. The natural development of man’s intuition aided their development from the use of stone (or a lot later – metal).

They discovered that scraping off the burnt black surface allowed the underlying natural timber to show through. This stimulated the introduction of designs and patterns in a unique form. Unfortunately, this technique did not create permanent works of art. Much later in man’s evolution in technology – the employment of metal implements intended that basic pyrography equipment was manufactured. When searching back into the records of pyrography, you will locate extra everlasting artworks having been burnt onto leather, wood and even bone. Using heated metallic objects at once from the fire to burn their desired medium, intended everlasting art was created. This very simple, however fantastic method used to be in use until medieval instances.

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Pyrography or pyrogravure is the art of redecorating wooden or different materials with burn marks resulting from the managed application of a heated object such as a poker. It is additionally regarded as pokerwork or wood burning.

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