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Its first use in history, perfectly preserved leather objects were uncovered from Egyptian tombs 3,000-year-old, described in the Bible and ancient literature and extremely appreciated in most cultures. Its origins are lost in history, however, the art of leather tooling has been enjoyed for decades.

The earliest documented leather artefacts manufactured by primitive societies date back to 1300 BC when man started to appreciate animal skins as more than just as a by-product of food. During the Homeric period around 1200 BC, the ancient Greeks were known to have used leather to make sandals and other clothing.

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Carving is a traditional technique of working with leather and is used to add decoration. Lines, grooves and patterns such as monograms or coats of arms, are pressed, stamped and punched into the leather by the use of carving instruments such as metal stamps that are cast into certain shapes.

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